About me!

Hello! I am Amandine,

I am offering a safe, calming space to allow my clients to process their thoughts, feel more settled and focused on what they want to achieve.

I am passionate about helping others uncover their strength and promote change to support a happy and purposeful life.

I am as a life coach as I am in life, calm, smiling, caring, honest and approachable.

Until December 2020, I was a busy professional who grew her career in the pharmaceutical sector. I am also a mum and a wife. I have lived the struggles of trying to juggle it all, while meeting my own high standards. I experienced burning out and recovering from it.

During my own coaching journey, as I re-trained, I also discovered that I identify completely with the trait of the Highly Sensitive Person, which is found in about 20% of the population. This knowledge about me was extremely empowering and it is part of my mission to raise awareness around this trait.

I have a natural curiosity and empathy towards others. When I first became a manager, I realized that I love working with people in a caring and supportive way, not just to reach their goals, but also to feel happy and fulfilled along the way. It brings me joy and energizes me.

That’s why I decided to become a life coach.

I work with men and women who:

  •  are ready to make positive changes in their life
  •  want to be happy being their true and authentic selves
  •  want help seeing their potential, grow their confidence
  •  want help to learn about themselves, become aware of their strengths, manage what feels challenging

I offer a free chat prior to any coaching relationship to be agreed upon. I’d love for you to be in touch and just start by having a conversation about what life coaching could mean for you.