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Hello, I’m Amandine.

My mission is simple: To help mothers build a life of joy, fulfilment and purpose.

I believe we have everything we need within us to fulfil our potential and live out our version of happiness.

But sometimes our environments don’t support our growth. In the midst of school runs and mounting to-do lists, we lose ourselves to the juggle of work and motherhood. We forget what brings us joy.

I help mothers regain their inner-peace and self-confidence. Together, we tackle your specific challenges. Whether that’s an ongoing sense of overwhelm, a lack of clarity or a feeling of being stuck, I guide and support you in whatever it is you hope to achieve.

Clients come to me burdened by self-doubt, feeling fed up and exhausted by life.

I offer a calm, safe and non-judgemental coaching space, giving you the opportunity to take a step back, gain perspective and focus on your desired outcome.

Over a number of sessions, we challenge limiting beliefs, reframe unhelpful thinking patterns, discover your strengths and establish a clear plan of action.

After years spent growing my career in the pharmaceutical industry, I understand the struggles of trying to balance a corporate job with the demands of motherhood.

By the end of 2020, I was burnt out and in need of a new direction.

I’d always loved nurturing and supporting employees as a manager and so coaching was a natural fit for me. It’s hugely rewarding seeing the transformation in my clients.

From a place of empathy and compassion, I work with mothers over 40 to achieve:

– Greater self-acceptance and self-awareness
– Deeper confidence and self-belief
– A sense of purpose
– Reduced stress and anxiety
– More time for themselves
– Improved health and wellbeing
– Clearer goals and a plan of action
– Career progression
– Healthier relationships

Get in touch for a free 30 minute consultation, let’s find out what life coaching could mean for you.

“Start where you are today, not where you think you should be.”

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